Best website on Earth – or worst?

Lings Cars website

Normally, I HATE websites that are so jammed and cluttered with content your eyeballs burst before you can figure out what the hell they sell and how to buy it.

One of the worst I’ve ever seen is SO BAD that it’s actually good. Not just good, but (in my addled mind) GREAT. It’s absolutely insane and hilarious.

It’s a website for a UK rental car company owned by a Chinese woman named Ling. It’s a chaotic conglomeration of bright colors, flashing icons, cheesy music, cheeky humor, and sassy attitude. Cover your eyes and go to www.lingscars.com.

It apparently works because Ling’s company is a leader in the market. It demonstrates that bad can be really good – if you have the energy and charm to pull it off. There’s no disputing it, personality sells like a mother.

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