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HEY, LOOK THIS WAY! READ THIS AMAZING BLOG POST! You will be astounded at what happens next! Did you hear the shocking news? Are you missing the boat on this? Good God, HURRY!

(Pause. Heavy, exasperated sigh.) I am really, really, really tired of emails and headlines that bark like yip dogs for attention. They come from everywhere – sellers, service providers, news outlets, social media… I’m getting carpal tunnel deleting them as fast as I can.

Here’s what I won’t delete (at least in a nanosecond).
1. Emails with subject lines that are not desperate, dumb, blatant hype.
2. Messages that offer good information I can use.
3. Headlines and images that are interesting, entertaining, or humorous as hell.

Those are the three ways to get into my mind and make a connection. Without them, the doorman will not let you in. GET LOST!

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